Other Eye Conditions

Allergan manufacture a range of topical eye preparations, including preparations designed to treat external eye infection and inflammatory or allergic eye conditions.

Eye/Ocular Allergies

Eye allergies, also referred to as allergic conjunctivitis, are caused by external irritants called allergens. Symptoms may include red, itchy, watery, and/or swollen eyelids often accompanied by sneezing and a runny nose. Allergies can occur year-round (perennial allergies) or seasonally. Some common household allergens that cause perennial eye allergies include dust mites, mould, pet hair, and pet dander. Pollen from trees, grass and ragweed often cause seasonal allergies.


Inflammation may occur after tissue damage produced by injuries, including surgery and diseases such as infections and certain autoimmune processes. It is part of the body's defence against injuries.

Infection of the eye

Infections of the eye can rapidly damage the eye and lead to permanent vision loss or blindness. Broad-spectrum antibiotics should be administered to the appropriate site of infection as soon as a diagnosis is made. Topical drops are preferred for corneal and conjunctival infections.