Allergan Ireland has stated its commitment to promotional practices that are ethical and patient-centred and to complying fully with all legislation relating to the elimination of bribery and corruption, as part of the organisation's mission and values. In doing so Allergan recognises the importance of perception in its dealings with healthcare professionals.

As part of this commitment, Allergan have switched their focus from the sponsorship of individual healthcare professionals, including their attendance at international meetings, to wider initiatives that are demonstrably of benefit to patients.

This ensures that commercial and promotional considerations play no part in our support of UK and Ireland healthcare. The only exception to this general rule is when a healthcare professional has written a paper on behalf of Allergan which is to be presented at a scientific conference.

In such a case Allergan will sponsor the individual's attendance, subject to the requirements of the IPHA (or ABPI/ABHI) Codes of Practice, in line with the company Policies and Procedures and provided such attendance is approved by both the UK & Ireland Country Manager and the Compliance Manager. Whereas Allergan will no longer offer development sponsorship for individuals, we welcome other opportunities to support the healthcare community via our Medical Education Goods and Services (MEGS) grants.

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